Whatever it is, the topic of decay seems to tee up cynicism for a group of writers that could be described as naturally cynical, and the subtext of hope comes through remarkably clearly. The hope, and the fact that Nevadans are being introspective about Nevada in Fade, Sag, Crumble, combine to make up the most satisfying aspects of this overall satisfying book.
~ Caleb Cage, The Nevada Review

With so many books written about Las Vegas, I was surprised The Guardian (UK) named FADE SAG CRUMBLE one of the ten best books set in Las Vegas, sharing the honor with such icons as Hunter S. Thompson’s FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGASĀ  or Pulitzer prize-winner Larry McMurtry’s THE DESERT ROSE.

Surprised, yes, but happily.

FADE SAG CRUMBLE is a gritty, honest collection of stories about Las Vegas as varied as the ten Las Vegas writers and journalists who contributed to it. With both cynicism and compassion, the storytellers share their impressions of and experiences with the real Las Vegas – and though each story is unique and independent of each other, a common thread ties them all together, making for a fast-paced fascinating journey through the alter ego of the desert “tourist’ destination.”

With descriptions like, “free range alcoholics,” and “It’s tough to tell who’s talking to their headsets and who’s talking to themselves,” I devoured every word like a protein-starved cannibal. The images created are so vivid, the language so raw, the stories so depressing they’re almost invigorating.

I feel like I took a walk on the wild side and lived to talk about it.
~ Five star review,

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